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Electrical Connections
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Electrical Connections
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Before You Call for Service...

220 Volt Systems - General Information

220 Volt, 50 amp, 4 wire - GFCI Breaker Required

  • 2 Hots, #6 AWG
  • 1 Neutral, #6 AWG
  • 1 Ground, #6 AWG
  • #8 Bonding Required
  • Straight 220V hook-up requires a dedicated line of 50 AMPS (consult your electrician). This wiring will be hard wired directly to your pack by your electrician. No plug is needed. 50 AMP breaker must be GFCI protected.

    110 Volt Systems - General Information

    110 Volt, 20 AMP, 3 wire

  • 1 Hot, #12 AWG
  • 1 Neutral, #12 AWG
  • 1 Ground, #12 AWG
  • #8 Bonding Required
  • Straight 110V hook-up requires a dedicated (1 hot, 1 neutral, and 1 ground) receptacle (consult your electrician); a 20 AMP breaker is required. Spa & Tub Manufacturer's provides a cord from the equipment pack with a three-prong plug. Use of extension cords is a violation of City and State Regulations.

    IMPORTANT: Spa & Tub Manufacturer's, Inc. is not required to do any electrical hook-ups. A licensed electrician must do all electrical work.

    NOTE: Always check local and state codes for wiring requirements that may exceed N.E.C. Copper Wire Only