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Chlorine Treatment Procedures

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Chlorine Treatment Procedures
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Monday - Shock pool with 1lb. of chlorine or  gallon of liquid chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Test and adjust pH and alkalinity.

Wednesday - Add 6oz. of Algae Preventer to pool. Add 6oz. water Clarifier to pool.

Friday - Check chlorine tablets or automatic chlorinator and add tablets if necessary. Test pH and alkalinity. Clean and Vacuum debris in pool.

Monthly - Test Cyanuric Acid (Conditioner) & Test Calcium Hardness

REMINDERS: It is wise to perform a water test after a heavy bather load or rain shower. Adjust chemicals if necessary. Backwash pool at least one a week. Add Metal Control to pool each time fresh water is added. Chemically clean filter with filter cleaner twice every season.