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Frog Bam Treatment Procedures

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 Initial Startup

  • Adjust Alkalinity to 80-20ppm.
  • Adjust pH to 7.2-7.8ppm.
  • Adjust Cyan Uric Acid (Conditioner) to 50ppm.
  • Placement: Turn pump off, remove chlorinator lid, remove BAM cap and let seal remain. Place BAM inside center of chlorinator and mineral pack. Press firmly to puncture seal. Replace cap and turn pump on. Turn chlorinator dial to the maximum. Turn pump on and run for 90 minutes.
  • Removal: To remove BAM, turn pump off. Turn dial to Pac Removal setting and remove chlorinator lid. Life the Frog BAM container up and allow water in container to drain.
  • Repeat placement and removal instructions if additional Frog Bam is necessary.
  • Once Frog BAM is complete, insert chlorine Bac Pac in place of the BAM.
  • Avoid adding other chemicals until BAM has circulated for at least 48 hours.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Monday: Shock pool with 1lb. of chlorine or 1 gal. of liquid chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Test and adjust the pH and Alkalinity.
  • Wednesday: Add 6oz. of water clarifier to pool.
  • Friday: Check BackPac for tablets, replace if necessary. Test and adjust pH and Alkalinity. Clean and vacuum debris in pool.
  • Monthly: Test Cyan Uric Acid (Conditioner). Test Hardness.
  • Reminders: It is wise to perform a water test after a heavy bather load or rain shower. Adjust chemicals if necessary. Backwash pool at least once a week. Chemically clean filter with filter cleaner twice every season. add 1 frog BAM per 10,000-15,000 gallons of pool water every 90 days.