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Pool Equipment Care & Maintenance

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Pool Equipment Care & Maintenance
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Winterizing Your Pool

Providing the proper care for your swimming pool equipment will help you to enjoy a clear and clean pool all summer long. The following suggestions should help you keep problems to a minimum.

PUMP: The pump is the heart of your pools circulation system. Always make sure your skimmer and main drain lines are free of blockage. Check your skimmer basket and lint trap basket frequently for debris. To assure a free flow of water to the pump and avoid damage to the pump motor, make sure the water is at the proper level.

FILTER: You must periodically clean or backwash your filter. Check your pressure gauge reading and consult your manufacturers manual for the correct method.

AUTOMATIC CHLORINATOR: Clean out any residue and make sure all lines are free from restrictions. Use only the type of chemical recommended by the manufacturer. Never mix or pour different types of chemicals into an automatic chlorinator. This will eliminate the possibility of an explosion occuring.

POOL CLEANING EQUIPMENT: Use as often as necessary to maintain a clean, clear pool. Most cleaning units are designed to operate when the filtration system is running. Equipment made of plastic should be stored away from sunlight. Keep equipment away from your deck to avoid tripping.

TEST KITS: Store test kit or strips in a cool, dry place away from chemicals and the heater. Keep the test kit out of children's reach. Sample bottles should be rinsed before and after the test procedure with the water to be tested.