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Chemical Guide Troubleshooting

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Chemical Guide Troubleshooting
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Problem: Foaming

Cause: Over-used water, build-up of body oils, lotions, or detergents.

Solution:  Add a defoamer, shock with a Spa Oxidizer, or drain and refill.


Problem: Algae

Cause: High pH, low bromine level, or chlorine concentration.

Solution: Shock with a Spa Oxidizer Product.


Problem:  Skin Irritation

Cause: Over-used water, soaking too long, water temperature too high.

Solution: Make sure all sanitizers are at proper levels, soak for small time intervals, and reduce water temperature.


Problem: Cloudy Water

Cause: Dirty filter, high pH or alkalinity, over-used water.

Solution: Clean the filter, adjust pH, Shock with a Spa Oxidizer, add clarifier. or drain and refill.


Problem: Water Odor

Cause:  Improper sanitation, inadequate filtration, low pH.

Solution: Shock with Spa Shock Extra, adjust pH, and clean the filter.