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SPA means SALUTE PER AQUA" (Health by Water) 

The idea of using water to cure illness and preserve health is as old as civilization itself.  Even in the 5th century B.C.  The ancient Greeks believed that water contained the essence of life and the secret of health, the Romans appreciated the essence of life and secret of health, the Romans also appreciated the relationship of water to cleanliness relaxation and general good health.  Water is also an important ingredient in the traditional of the ancient Orient and Native American healing methods.



Hydrotherapy is the use of water to heal.  There are three factors at work in SPA: heat, buoyancy, and massage.  Together, they create  an experience that is both relaxing and healing. The recuperative and healing properties of Hydrotherapy are based on the body's reaction to hot and cold stimuli which invigorates the circulation and digestion encouraging blood flow and lessening pain sensativity. Generally, heat calm; and soothes the body slowing down the activity of internal organs.  Cold in contrast, simulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity. If you are experiencing tense muscles and anxiety from your stress, a hot shower or bath is in order. If you are feeling tired and stressed out, you might want to try taking a warm shower or bath followed by a short, invigorating cold shower to help stimulate the body and mind.


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