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Vinyl Liner Care & Maintenance

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Water Chemistry

The maintenance of proper water balance is the simple most important factor to maximizing the life and appearance of the liner. Proper pH levels, for example, allow the chemicals to perform their function. Chlorine needs a certain pH level to kill bacteria and algae. Proper technique is important for water testing. Be sure to read and follow the written instructions: from chemical manufacturer.

The following table shows ranges for the basic water chemistry ranges:

Factor                Range         Test Frequency                Function                     

pH                  7.2-7.8       Weekly           Allows other chemicals to operate

Free Chlorine      1-3         2 Weekly                      Kills bacteria

Alkalinity        .80-120        Weekly              Prevents change in pH level

Cyan Uric Acid  50-100       Monthly              Stabilizes water chemistry

Calcium          175-300       Monthly             Prevents corrosive conditions

pH Levels

Not only do proper pH levels allow the other chemicals to do their work but also it is important to note that low and high levels can cause damage to the liner. Under the right circumstances and with pH below 7.0 the liner can actually grow and develop unsightly wrinkles.


A) Extremely high concentrations of chlorine can attack the liner, bleach it and shorten its life. Chlorine below the proper range may not kill the bacteria causing unsanitary conditions and possible stainging.

B) Never let chlorine come in contact with the liner before it is completely dissolved. This means that granular or chlorine tablets should be dissolved first in a bucket of water and likewise liquid chlorine is poured in various locations around the pool and is immediately disposed and circulated. The broadcasting of tablets, granules or concentrated chemicals can bleach the liner and shorten the life of the liner.

C) Never mix chlorine together, rather add chemicals to pool water separately and circulate throughout pool before adding other chemicals.